Canon Canoscan 5000f

Flachbett- Scanner inkl. Kabel, Handbücher und Begleit-CD. 2400x4800 dpi, 48 bit in-& output, 6-line color CCD. Nicht Linux-kompatibel, läuft nur mit Windows oder OS-X
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2400 x 4800dpi 6-line CCD sensor
USB 2.0 High Speed interface
FAU to scan 35mm film
FARE dust and scratch removal technology.
4 EZ buttons
Comprehensive drivers and toolbox software
Multi-Photo mode
Windows and Macintosh compatible

With its scanning capability of 2,400 dpi the CanoScan 5000F is the first level in Canon's step-up range. This resolution level makes it especially suitable for film scanning as it nears the resolution of dedicated film scanners costing many times more. Its 48 bit colour depth delivers exceptional quality from any photo original, including 35 mm negatives. It combines advanced CCD technology incorporating an electronic shutter, so scan times are quick - up to twice as fast as the competition.
The CanoScan 5000F is equipped with a large Film Adapter Unit (FAU) and is capable of scanning three frames of 35 mm film in a single pass. Canon's advanced FARE (Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) technology, that was first introduced on high end film scanners, is included. This process uses infra-red light to identify and map dust and scratches on the surface of the original. These are then removed from the scanned image saving you retouching time. FARE Level 1, featured on the 5000F, is a new improved version offering even greater accuracy.
The CanoScan 5000F has four large easy-to-use scan buttons to operate the functions you use most for processing images, film negatives or slides: copying, scanning, filing, sending them to your e-mail program or creating PDF files.
The USB 2.0 High Speed interface is the new standard in PC connectivity, delivering scan speeds up to four times faster than standard USB scanners. And, it's compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
With Canon's fast Multi-Photo mode you can scan up to ten separate images at once and then work on each one separately. If images are turned sideways, the computer software will straighten them automatically. What's more, the fast Multi Photo mode can recognise the type of original you use - whether it's a photo or 35 mm film - and scan the material accordingly.
The CanoScan 5000F comes standard with Arcsoft PhotoStudio for image editing, PhotoBase for image management, Omnipage SE OCR, NewSoft PageManager 6, and the Canon Toolbox for easy operation.