Copying, transferring, rescuing data


  • Your laptop or computer has broken down but you've still got data on it that you cannot access anymore
  • You want to transfer data and settings from one computer to another
  • A while back, you saved data on removable media but don't have a drive to read the data anymore
  • You've switched computer architectures and cannot access previously saved data
  • You've got a huge amount of data you wish to transfer to another type of media but haven't got the time to do it yourself
  • You've received a CD, DVD or another medium but cannot access the data
  • You want to conduct a one-time or a regularly scheduled backup and would like advice on what solution would most closely fit your needs've come to the right place:

Our data/interface server 'Dino', with its 14 front-accessible drives and numerous additional interfaces is prepared to take on just about any task.

And if you're interested in obtaining such a server for yourself, we'd be glad to do it for you according to your individual specifications..

We'll be happy to take any kind of drive or media, that you might not find a use for anymore, off your hands...