Compirat is a collaborative effort by Caritas Zürich and revamp-it.
Thanks to the assistance of Compirat, people of limited means living in the canton of Zürich are afforded the opportunity to start learning about computers close to their own domicile. These entry-level classes at the same time serve as an introduction to Linux, as Compirat exclusively works with Linux as an operating system.

Alongside to these classes, which with time are complemented with further in-depth courses, internet meeting spots are offered, at which the participants may, with the aid of skilled supporters, practice their computer skills and are provided with free access to the internet.
This project was launched in 2010 in Wetzikon. By now there are courses available in Zürich and surrounding counties and more localities are in development.
Compirat depends on the assistance of volunteers to assist the meeting spots and to support the participants in classes. If you would like to contribute, please register your interest on the Compirat Homepage.

In addition to developing the courses, the documentation and the technical support thereof, revamp-it also is responsible for designing and running the home page of This site is continously being expanded and offers advice for getting started with computers and Linux, as well as various offers that are used in their courses.