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Technical Support

We'll happily share our knowledge and experience

  • For free if it is an issue within the period of warranty or if we're not able to solve your problem
  • 70CHF / hour of work

To help save costs we can advice you as a customer to help yourself
You will receive an invoice per email. We accept payment by IBAN, SWIFT, Paypal, cash and Bitcoin. For new customers we may require a down payment.
Our coworkers may not always be able to answer you immediately. In this case we ask you for your patience. We will get back to you. Eventually.

Instructions for our Chat

Click on the following link and fill out the reCAPTCHA and click on 'Connect'. You can also choose your nickname in the appropriate box.

After a whole bunch of text scrolls by, you'll enter our chat room. On the right side you'll find everyone who is logged in. Enter your message into the bar at the bottom of the window.


For technically versed people:
IRC network: freenode, channel: #revamp