Since July 2015 revamp-it is premium partner of the kivitendo project.
Starting in 2005 - initially for our own purposes but soon afterwards to satisfy the needs of our customers- we searched for a software solution for accounting, resource and customer management.

After a thorough evaluation we found ourselves most satisfied with kivitendo (formerly lx-office) or many different levels:

Verein Linuxola was founded on December 2, 2005 by eight people from different regions of Switzerland. The purpose of the organization is to provide access to information technology and a connection to the global digital commons for our partners in Africa.

The Swiss label for computers with preinstalled free software and guaranteed support!

revamp-it have, together with the support of the dedicated open source community, contributed to the creation of this label.
It is still difficult or impossible to find a PC pre-installed with open operating systems such as Linux in a brick-and-mortar store, or online. In most cases it isn't even possible to buy a computer without an operating system at all.

Compirat is a collaborative effort by Caritas Zürich and revamp-it.
Thanks to the assistance of Compirat, people of limited means living in the canton of Zürich are afforded the opportunity to start learning about computers close to their own domicile. These entry-level classes at the same time serve as an introduction to Linux, as Compirat exclusively works with Linux as an operating system.

Hardware development work at revamp-it is concentrated around the following efforts:

  • To discover new possibilites of decommissioned computer hardware that, due to technical advances, cannot be used anymore for its intended purpose even though it is  otherwise still in perfect working order
  • To optimize the use of energy and resources in our usage of computers. To this end we are continously expanding our knowledge in repairs
  • Guides for the assembly of open source hardware

Linux Terminal Server Projekt (LTSP)

The Linux Terminal Server Project is focused on the idea to utilize the power of a fast, high-capacity server connected through a network to older, slower computers. Nearly the entire task of running programs is taken over by the server.

This way, depending on the power of the server, tens of people may work side by side on their clients which are all connected to the same server, doing office work or browsing the internet.