Linux Terminal Server Projekt (LTSP)

The Linux Terminal Server Project is focused on the idea to utilize the power of a fast, high-capacity server connected through a network to older, slower computers. Nearly the entire task of running programs is taken over by the server.

This way, depending on the power of the server, tens of people may work side by side on their clients which are all connected to the same server, doing office work or browsing the internet.

At revamp-it we're been working with LTSP for many years now and we support institutions and firms which use LTSP for their daily business.
LTSP expands on the capabilities of Linux as an operating system and is freely accessible to everybody to use and develop as they see fit.

If you work in a company or institution where most employees have their own computer with their own hard drives and operating system installed, we owuld like you to inform the persons responsible for your IT infrastructure about the possibilities of an LTSP system.

In addition to your contribution to the more economical exploitation of the resources of our planet you'll stand to profit from such a system in many other ways:

  • Significantly lowered hardware costs, as client computers can stay deployed for a much longer timespan. To improve performance, only the server would need to be upgraded, while the clients would stay the same
  • Significantly lowered maintenance: Only the server itself requires updates and maintenance, as all programs and data are stored centrally
  • Simplification of technical support: All workplaces are on the same level regarding the software that is installed, hence there is less technical support necessary and coworkers are able to help each other with issues that may arise
  • More flexibility for people who operate in different areas within the organization: Each person's desktop and application settings are available on every computer attached to the network
  • Ease of expansion: Upon the arrival of a new employee, even for short assignments, all that needs to be done for the creation of a new workplace is to connect a new computer to the network and for a new user account to be created on the server
  • Simplification of data backups: All data are stored on a single computer, making backups far easier

Switching to Linux has many other advantages:

  • Freedom from expensive software licensing
  • No viruses or malware
  • An enormous choice of free software programs
  • Individual requests can be easily realized through modification of software

We would love to hear from you!

You will find more information and experience reports on the home page of the Linux Terminal Server Project

In collaboration with Verein Linuxola we are continuously preparing such systems, affordably assembled using old hardware, for export to schools and community projects in Africa. Verein Linuxola organized the support and cooperation with local partners in Africa, as it is very important that the local people obtain sufficient skills and experience to maintain their system by themselves.

You'll find more information about Linuxola on our website or directly on the home page of Linuxola.