Apple iMac G4/800

PowerPC 7445, 768 MB Ram, 15" 1024x764, 60GB Harddisk, Linux Debian installiert
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Apple Order No: M8535LL/A* Apple Subfamily: iMac Flat Panel
Apple Model No: M6498 (EMC 1873) Model ID: PowerMac4,2

Processors: 1 Architecture: 32-Bit
Processor Speed: 800 MHz Processor Type: PowerPC 7445 (G4)
Details: The PowerPC G4 includes the AltiVec "Velocity Engine" vector processor.
Turbo Boost: N/A Custom Speeds: N/A
Processor Upgrade: Soldered FPU: Integrated
System Bus Speed: 100 MHz (8:1) Cache Bus Speed: 800 MHz (Built-in)
ROM/Firmware Type: Open Firmware EFI Architecture: N/A
L1 Cache: 64k L2/L3 Cache: 256k (on-chip)

RAM Type: PC133 SDRAM Min. RAM Speed: 10 ns
Standard RAM: 256 MB Maximum RAM: 1 GB
RAM Slots: 2*
Video Card: GeForce2 MX VRAM Type: DDR SDRAM
Standard VRAM: 32 MB Maximum VRAM: 32 MB

Built-in Display: 15.0" TFT Native Resolution: 1024x768
Brightness: 200 cd/m Contrast ratio: 300:1
Viewing angle: 120 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical.
2nd Display Support: Mirroring Only 2nd Max. Resolution: 1024x768

Standard Storage: 60 GB HDD Std. Storage Speed: 5400 RPM
Storage Dimensions: 3.5" (25.4 mm) Storage Interface: Ultra ATA/66

Standard Optical: 2X "SuperDrive"
Standard Modem: 56k v.90 Standard Ethernet: 10/100Base-T
Standard AirPort: 802.11b (Optional) Standard Bluetooth: None

USB Ports: 3 (1.1) Firewire Ports: 2 (400)
Expansion Slots: AirPort Expansion Bays: None
Details: This model has "built-in antennas and [a] card slot for [an] optional AirPort card".

Case Type: All-in-One Form Factor: iMac G4 15" Flat Panel