ZyXEL Prestige 681

SDSL Router
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ZyXEL Prestige 681
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About Your SDSL Router
The Prestige 681 (P681) is an SDSL router used for Internet/LAN access via an SDSL line. The Prestige
681 supports multi-protocol routing for TCP/IP and Novell IPX, as well as transparent bridging for other
protocols. We will refer to the Prestige 681 as the P681 or simply the Prestige from now on.
The P681 SDSL router supports symmetrical multi-rate data transmission speeds from 144Kbps up to
2320Kbps. The actual rate depends on the copper category of your telephone wire, distance from the central
office and the type of SDSL service subscribed. See the sections below for more background information
on DSL and SDSL.
The P681 uses 2B1Q line code with echo cancellation for high data rate transmissions over a single twisted
telephone wire pair without being affected by bridge taps or mixed cable links. It also provides high
immunity from background noise.
The P681's 10/100M auto-negotiating LAN interface enables fast data transfer of either 10Mbps or
100Mbps in either half-duplex or full-duplex mode depending on your Ethernet network.
Your Prestige is easy to install and to configure. All functions of the Prestige are software configurable via
the SMT (System Management Terminal) Interface.