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Allied Telesyn International
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Allied Telesyn International

Art. No.: 002287
Vorrat: 8

Allied Telesyn CentreCom MR820TR

8 x RJ45, 1 x BNC, 1 x AUI. 10 Mbps.

Art. No.: 002275
10,00 CHF
Vorrat: 7

Allied Telesyn FS705

Netzwerkswitch 5 Port, 10/100 Mbps

Art. No.: 002373
10,00 CHF
Vorrat: 4

Allied Telesyn MR415T

4 Port 10Base-T Micro Hub.

Art. No.: 002043
10,00 CHF
Vorrat: 4

Allied Telesyn International CentreCOM FS705

10/100TX x 5 ports unmanaged Eco-friendly Fast Ethernet switch

Art. No.: 002354
Vorrat: 3

Allied Telesyn MR127F Micro Repeater


Art. No.: 003598
Vorrat: 2

Allied Telesyn mx60t

Allied Telesis CentreCOM Micro Transceiver

Art. No.: 002354
40,00 CHF
Vorrat: 1

Allied Telesyn MCF06ST

6X Ethernet 10Base-FL (ST), Ethernet 10Base-T

Art. No.: 002264
Vorrat: 1